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The Ajax Lioness Club was chartered on September 17, 1976 with 8 charter members, two of which are still with the club - Lioness Marg McIsaac and Lioness Germaine Pearce. The charter President, Lioness Germaine continues to be a very active member of the club and who will be celebrating her 90th birthday on October 24th.


Although small in numbers in the early days, the girls worked diligently alongside the Lions.  Some of our early projects included:  a bicycle draw at a cost of 10¢ a ticket, a draw for a television, bazaar and bake sales of homemade goods and then various raffles. Over the years, there have been numerous other successful fund raisers such as road tolls, working at the annual carnival on the crown and anchor wheel, however, our most recent biggest fundraising effort has been our Annual Money Tree Draw held prior to Christmas each year. This draw continued from the early 1990s until present day.


The club also participates in many service activities as well, although only a few are listed here. We have and continue to make the food for the annual Senior Citizens Christmas party. We contribute annual in-kind donations of clothing, linens and small appliances to our local women’s shelter (Herizon House). Over the past few years, several of our members continue to participate in the making of mats and pillows from milk bags which are sent to help the needy in third world countries.


In memory of Lioness Doreen Hilgartner who was an avid fan of visitation, the Ajax Lioness Club initiated the Doreen Hilgartner Pin which is awarded to any Lioness who does the required number of visitations to the other clubs in District A-16 within a specified time period.


During its 40 year history, our club has had the honour of having six District A-16 Presidents (Lioness Ruth Edwards in 1987-88; Lioness Lin Nowitski in 1988-89; Lioness Helen DeHetre in 1993-94; Lioness Ardis Moore 1996-97; Lioness Debbie Dawson 2008-09 and Lioness Tina Cawthorne 2013-14.  In addition, we won  Club of the Year in 1984-1985 and 1985-1986, the Doreen Hilgartner Award one year, the District A-16 Bulletin Award four times and twice the recipient of the MD’A’ Bulletin Award in 1998-99 and 1999-00. We have been the recipient on several occasions of the Jim Diceman Service Award as well as the Kathy Young Membership Growth award.


Unfortunately, our membership has decreased over the past several years, however, we continue to look for new members so that we can continue to fulfill our commitments and hopefully carry out new projects. Through friendship, fellowship and dedication from the club members, we will continue to serve our community for many years to come.


Written by:  Lioness Tina Cawthorne






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