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Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides


The Ajax Lions Club is a proud supporter of the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.  Over the years we have purchased a number of dog that get donated to local residents to assist them in day to day living.


The Lions Foundation of Canada is a national charity founded in 1983 by Lions from across Canada. Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides’ mission is to assist Canadians with a medical or physical disability by providing them Dog Guides at no cost.



Different types of Dog Guides

  • Hearing Ear Dog Guide

    Hearing Ear Dog Guides are trained to alert handlers who are deaf or hard of hearing to sounds they cannot detect. These Dog Guides alert their handlers to sounds such as the telephone/doorbell ringing, a child crying, an alarm clock sounding, the calling of their name and the sound of an activated fire alarm. more information

  • Service Dog Guide

    Service Dog Guides are trained to work with people who have a physical disability and assist them with daily functions like opening and closing doors and drawers, retrieving dropped items such as a pencil or keys, and seeking help should assistance be required. more information

  • Seizure Response Dog Guides

    Seizure Response Dog Guides help people who have epilepsy. They are specially trained to react to their handler's seizures by barking for help, activating an alert system or by getting help within a home environment. more information

  • Autism Assistance Dog Guides

    Autism Assistance Dog Guides help provide safety, companionship and unconditional love for children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. As well as providing comfort and consistency for both the child and their family, Autism Assistance Dog Guides provide calming relief for children in high anxiety situations and reduce the stress commonly experienced in public places. Bonding with the Dog Guide helps both the child and their family gain increased independence and social interaction. more information

  • Diabetic Alert Dog Guides

    Diabetic Alert Dog Guides help people who have type 1 diabetes with hypoglycemic unawareness. They are trained to detect sudden drops in their handler’s blood sugar through scent and alert them so that they can take glucose tablets or eat something sweet if needed. They also bark for help or activate an alert system if needed. more information



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May 14, 2022


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