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Lions Recycle for Sight


Throughout the year, our members collect used eyeglasses and deliver them to our District Eyeglass collection Chairperson.  They then get shipped to the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers (LERCs).  LERC volunteers clean, sort by prescription strength and package the glasses.  Most of the recycled glasses are distributed to people in need in developing countries where they will have the greatest impact.


Eyeglass Recycling – How You Can Help


Donate glasses and change someone's life.  Imagine if you could help a child read. An adult succeed in his job.  A senior maintain her independence.  And provide a community with more opportunities to grow and thrive.  Everyday, our recycled eyeglass programs do all of this and more.




Here's is a list of Eyeglass drop-off locations, in Ajax and Pickering

List updated March 8, 2018

If you would like to participate by offering a drop off location just let contact us at




Hakim Optical, 65 Kingston Road, Ajax, ON, 905-619-6969

Ajax Optical, 145 Kingston Road, Ajax, ON, 905-683-7235

Ajax Optical, 56 Harwood Ave, Ajax, ON, 905-683-2888

Dr. Kevin Tyber, 556 Kingston Road West, Ajax, ON, 905-427-4144

Kearns Optical, 75 Bayly Street West, Ajax, ON, 905-683-2020

Westney Optical and Foot Care Clinic, 15 Westney Road North, Ajax, ON, 905-231-1100

Sight and Steps Optical and Footcare, 300 Rossland Road East, Unit 103, Ajax, ON, 877-744-4812

Ace Optical, 250 Bayly Street West, Unit 13B, Ajax, ON, 905-427-3636

Ajax Eye Care, 676 Monarch Ave, Ajax, ON, 905-686-1551

The Breakers, 70 Cumberland Lane, Ajax, ON, 905-428-0357




Famous Optical, 1355 Kingston Road, Unit 302, Pickering, ON, 905-831-2221

Hakim Optical, 1450 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON, 905-837-2020

WalMart Vision Centre, 1899 Pickering Parkway, Unit 1, Pickering, ON, 905-619-9588

Pickering Optical, 1360 Kingston Road, Unit 9, Pickering, ON, 905-839-9244

Dr. Jennifer Lee, 1105 Kingston Road, Unit 10, Pickering, ON, 905-420-4230

Pickering Eye Care Centre, 1794 Liverpool Road, Unit 10, Pickering, ON, 905-420-7070

Toffey Optical, 1355 Kingston Road, Unit 254, Pickering, ON, 905-492-3368

Loblaws Optical, 1792 Liverpool Road, Pickering, ON, 905-831-6301 ext 135

Pearle Vision, 1355 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON, 905-839-4215







Eyeglass sorting

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